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Demi fine jewellery

Demi-fine jewellery strikes a perfect balance between luxury and affordability, blending high-quality materials like sterling silver or gold vermeil with semi-precious stones. It offers the elegance of fine jewellery without the steep price tag, making it a popular choice for those seeking timeless pieces with modern appeal. Demi-fine jewellery is known for intricate designs that seamlessly transition from everyday wear to special occasions, providing a middle ground that combines craftsmanship and accessibility.

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  • Sustainability

    We use either stainless steel which is 100% recyclable or recycled sterling silver. All our gems are sustainably sourced natural gemstones from certified mines.

  • Minimalist design

    All our pieces are created to be timeless. Inspired by clean minimal designs and made to be worn every day.

  • Affordability

    Demi fine jewellery is a more affordable alternative allowing for stylish, luxury and long-lasting jewellery at a lower cost.