About ME

Who is M. Elizabeth?

Mary Elizabeth is my grandma, she was strong but delicate, didn't like a fuss but was effortlessly refined. 

M. Elizabeth jewellery takes these qualities and creates beautiful timeless pieces from high quality metals. 

We focus on memory making pieces, sentimental and designed to last. From initial necklaces, birthstone pieces and permanent bracelets. Our designs make the perfect gifts.

Founder Kerry started her Jewellery career in 2019 from a hospital bed and now runs two multi award winning jewellery brands, M. Elizabeth Jewellery and Trend Tonic Ltd. Trend Tonic specialises in statement jewellery and Kerry found there was a lack of dainty jewellery that didn't go green or cost a lot of money. All of our pieces comes with a lifetime guarantee against colour fading.

She used her skills to create replicas of vintage and antique pieces owned by family to create modern equivalents made from waterproof and hard wearing metals such as stainless steel.

We are proud to create timeless classic jewellery that will be stylish in decades to come, can be worn everyday and are based on memories such as initial and birthstones. We will soon be adding custom engraving to our collection to.

Gold croissant hoop earrings - M. Elizabeth