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Garnet Birthstone Jewellery - The most beautiful gift for January babes

The custom of assigning a specific gem as a birthstone each month is thought to have began here in Europe, in the eighteenth century. It quickly spread around the world and the standardised list we all know and love was supposedly created and adopted in 1912 in America.

Birthstones for all birth months

It is widely believed that wearing your birthstone in a piece of jewellery will bring you luck and protection - and each month’s birthstone is believed to hold it’s own unique properties.

For those of you born in the first month of the year, the birthstone for January is the garnet. Whilst the garnet naturally occurs in a wide range of colours, the one that we are all most used to seeing in birthstone jewellery is the deep red coloured stone.

Garnet birthstone meaning
The garnet is believed to bring the wearer good luck and fortune in love, it is a healing stone associated with regeneration, strength, passion and vitality. During the Middle Ages the stone was believed to represent sacrifice and courage. It is also said to keep the wearer safe when travelling.

Mary Elizabeth Birthstone Necklace
All of the gems used in our Birthstone Jewellery are ethically sourced natural gems. Chosen with care for their colour and clarity we source beautiful stones that give our demi fine jewellery just the right amount of sparkle.

Sterling silver garnet birthstone necklace

Our stunning necklaces are available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil, with an 18 inch chain, perfect to layer with our initial or zodiac necklaces - a beautiful sentimental stack of necklaces.

Birthstone Earrings
Looking for something other than a necklace? What about a pair of gold vermeil huggie hoops? Our beautiful gold vermeil hoops are pave set with stunning garnet gemstones. With a hinged opening and a secure fastening they make a beautiful birthday gift for your January beauties.

Gold vermeil pave set garnet birthstone huggie hoops


Birthstone jewellery makes a beautiful, heartfelt sentimental gift for someone you love. Buy yours today.

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